About Us

"Mosaic is hard, Art is harder. " Sonia King, Mosaic Artist

About Joel Baker
I am delighted to welcome you to Stone Man Mosaics. I was born into a family of keen gardeners and art enthusiasts. When I graduated with an MA in the History of Art from Edinburgh University, I became a garden designer and landscaper, always viewing the garden as an art form in its own right.

In 1998 I made my first, and largest pebble mosaic (Tree of Life). Since then I have specialised in this ancient art form. I am dedicated to the revival of lost and dying crafts .Pebble mosaic is one of the oldest known art forms, with examples surviving from thousands of years ago. I like to think my pebble mosaics are as timeless as the pebbles from which they are made. I make unique mosaics for each client, with an emphasis on original design and quality materials and craftsmanship.

About Stone Man Mosaics 
Stone Man make pebble and cut-stone mosaics and run mosaic workshops. We also offer a full landscaping service with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship.

The team consists of Joseph Sheppard, a stone-cutter, gardener and mosaicist. Tom Defty, a dry-stone waller and mosaicist, and Jym Brammah, a ceramicist and mosaicist.