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Tree of Life

Burton Agnes Hall, East Yorkshire
60 sqm
Commissioned by Lady Susan Cunliffe-Lister
In 1998, Lady Susan Cunliffe-Lister of Burton Agnes Hall asked a group of emerging garden designers and landscapers to come up with a low-maintenance alternative to a giant rose bed which flanked the main lawn of the gardens. 
The solution was to build two enormous pebble mosaics of which Tree of Life was the first. The mosaic tells the story of its makers' journey towards mastering the craft of pebble mosaic.
". . .the mosaic has become a major attraction at Burton Agnes Hall, which sees 70,000 visitors a year flocking to visit its art collection and gardens. It has been a real hit with the children who seem to enjoy following the branches of the Tree of Life until they reach the celestial sun at the top.  1998 was the 4th centenary of Burton Agnes Hall and I wanted something long lasting to commemorate this event. The mosaic has a timeless quality and its frame of reclaimed bricks ties it in with the main building. It is as though it was an original feature of the garden." 
Lady Susan Cunliffe-Lister