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Dark Sea

Burton Agnes Hall, East Yorkshire
Commissioned by: Lady Susan Cunliffe-Lister
Dark Sea pebble mosaic was the second mosaic commissioned by Lady Susan Cunliffe-Lister as a low-maintenance alternative to a giant rose bed which flanked the lawn at Burton Agnes Hall. 
The pebble mosaic design opposes the theme of the Tree of Life, depicting a stormy sea scape, glistening in the moonlight of a waning moon. Allusions to death are made in the carved stone fossils which scatter the beach, and two fish which swim in the dark night sky, far above the crashing waves below.
"Dark Sea pebble mosaic perfectly balances Tree of Life. The mosaic displays an amazing range of pebbles of every tone and colour which are entirely different from those used in the first mosaic".
Susan Cunliffe-Lister, Burton Agnes Hall