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The Warders

Private residence, Peebleshire, Scotland
CLIENT: Lady Elisabeth Benson
The Warders stand sentinel at one of the entrances to a Georgian mansion. The design was inspired by a visit to Niedpath Castle which belongs to the clients and is just a short distance down the river Tweed from their home.
The Medieval castle conjured up images of battles and warriors. Joel's mosaic depicts figures that derive from the 12th century Lewis Chessmen that are in both the British Museum and the Royal Museum, Edinburgh.

The backgrounds in these mosaics show a far more abstract handling of pebbles, mixing colours in a free-style technique. The ultimate effect is that The Warders seem to emerge from a mist.
"...The Warders have added a timeless feel to what was the most modern part of the house. We like to think they would scare off any unwanted visitors on the one hand, while charming our guests with their great beauty on the other!"
Lady Elisabeth Benson