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Private residence, Peebleshire, Scotland
Commissioned by Lady Elisabeth Benson
After the success of The Warders, Lady Elizabeth Benson commissioned a second pebble mosaic to create a roundabout in the driveway in front of the house. As the owners of a stretch of the river Tweed, they wanted me to incorporate salmon in the pebble mosaic design and provide a compass for visiting anglers who often asked which direction was north. The final challenge of the pebble mosaic design brief was that the pebble mosaic should serve as a game for the clients' grand-children.
Salmon Roundel is aligned with the four compass points, north and south being scribed in pebbles. A swimming salmon inspired by Joel's sketches appears in each of the corners. A pool in its centre, adorned with shells collected by the patron, overflows after heavy rain, sending water trickling over each of the fish and illuminating the coloured pebbles. The pebble mosaic background consists of sand-stone slabs which echo the warm tones of the stone mansion.

By standing on one of the steps to the house (according to their handicap), a player throws a bean bag at the pebble mosaic. Points are awarded for landing in different segments, the bulls-eye being the central pool.
"Salmon Roundel has transformed the approach to the house. The driveway is finally complete and the beautiful pebble salmon bring joy whatever the weather."
Lady Elizabeth Benson