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The Shoal

Private residence, Western Esplanade, Hove, Sussex
Commissioned by Rose Knox-Peebles

The Shoal was commissioned by a private art collector for her beach house in Hove, Sussex. It was clear from Rose's collection that she liked dramatic impact in her art. That, coupled with the sea -side location, lead to The Shoal.

A drama unfolds as a dogfish lunges at a shoal of mackerel, splitting it in two, one half veering left, the other to the right. The mosaic was the first piece to be built in cast slabs in the workshop in Edinburgh, and transported to Hove for installation. This change in technique is evident in the intricacy of the work. Having pre-fabricated slabs allowed us to lay the mosaic on an undulating slope rather than the normal flat plane.

The realistic fish eyes and glass bubbles were made by Allison Weightman, a ceramic artist from Scoraig, Wester Ross.

" The Shoal is enjoyed by all of the neighbours on our shared driveway. The fish are so life-like their eyes seem to follow you as you walk past! A dull border with a few trees has been transformed into a real work of art. We have just commissioned Joel to extend the mosaic. I can't wait to see how the story continues."
Rose Knox-Peebles

"Expert grading and selection of pebbles makes a lovely diminishing effect in the background and enlivens the movement of the fish"
Maggy Howarth, Complete Pebble Mosaic Handbook Revised and Expanded, 2009, Firefly Books