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Private Residence, Edinburgh
2m diameter
Commissioned by Kate Atkinson


When the Edinburgh based author, Kate Atkinson, asked Carolyn Grohmann of Secret Gardens to design her garden, she had just returned from a trip to Spain where she had seen the pebble mosaics of the Alhambra. She wanted a pebble mosaic to be the centre-piece of her new garden.

Drawing on her childhood memories of her native Yorkshire, Kate commissioned a White Rose of York mosaic. The piece interprets the often two-dimensional emblem as a real rose with curling petals.

"...the mosaic is the ideal focal point of the new garden. The summer house, where I do much of my writing, looks onto the work- its a real inspiration".

Kate Atkinson, Author

"... The White Rose of York was the first mosaic I included in one of my garden designs. It is fantastic to be able to offer my clients a work of art for their garden".

Carolyn Grohmann, Garden Designer