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Private residence, Edinburgh
140cm diameter each, (??? with frames)
Commissioned by Mr and Mrs Mark Bambridge

The Bambridges were having their garden re-designed by Carolyn Grohmann of Secret Gardens (LINK), and wanted to incorporate an element of art in the design. They had recently moved into their detached Arts and Crafts house and wanted the mosaics to reflect the building and its artistic heritage.

The Vine is strongly influenced by the floral designs of the Arts and Crafts movement and its founder, William Morris. Three mosaics appear on the black limestone path which leads to the front door. It is as though the mosaics are portholes looking through to a world beneath the path where a vine snakes its way to the house.

The central piece has a pebble mosaic flower protruding from a cut stone background. The two mosaics which flank this piece are both made entirely from cut stone. The effect of this innovation in mosaic technique is not unlike stained glass, a craft which was resurrected by the Arts and Crafts Movement. The red sandstone used as a background to the vine echoes that of the house.