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George Forrest

Explorers' Garden, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Pitlochry, Perthshire Scotland 
Commissioned by: Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Explorer' Garden 

The mosaic was commissioned for the Himalayan area of the Explorers Garden in Pitlochry to commemorate the Scottish plant hunter George Forrest who brought back over 30,000 species of plants from the Chinese and Tibetan Himalaya.

The design brief was to make a new mosaic floor for the Himalayan Pavilion on the themes of either George Forrest, the Himalaya or the plants that Forrest brought back.

The design depicts a Tibetan Mandala, composed of sacred geometry. The symbols which usually appear at the four gateways in the mandala are here replaced by four of the flowers found by Forrest.

The stones used come from Forrest's native Scotland and from China, where he spent most of his working life and eventually died.