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Castlemilk, Glasgow, Scotland

In 2008 the Castlemilk Environment Trust ran a series of workshops for young people in the community. The aim of the art workshops was to involve local youths in team projects which would enrich the environment in which they live.

Castlemilk is one of the most deprived areas in Britain with high rates of unemployment and crime. Opportunities for young people are scarce.

The aim of the pebble mosaic workshop was to bring together a team of volunteers to create a mosaic for the community youth centre. After digesting a brief history of the art of pebble mosaic, the team worked in pairs on each quarter of the design.

The results were beyond all expectation. The volunteers had so much energy and enthusiasm that they completed the mosaic well ahead of schedule. This gave us time to make a second piece - a spiral which included work by some of the older members of the community. It was a fantastic ending to the week with Castlemillk residents of all ages working together to create a piece of art to be enjoyed by their community for many years to come.

Unlike previous artworks commissioned for the area, the mosaics were not graffitied or vandalised in any way because they had been made by the community itself.