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In 2007 Stone Man held two workshops at primary schools in the Highlands. In Ullapool, the project involved making a series of small stepping-stone mosaics around a large wooden xylophone which had recently been made for the school playground.


The workshop was begun by Allison Weightman, a local ceramic artist. The children made the 'pebbles' for the mosaics from clay and glass and embossed them with words. The pebbles were laid in geometric patterns to form individual stepping stones around the xylophone.


The children in the workshop ranged in ages from 5-12. As well as learning how a pebble mosaic is made and how pebbles can be fitted together like a jig-saw puzzle, the literary element to the project added a whole new aspect to the mosaics, as random words would end up beside one another.


"Joel and his team worked with the children installng the ceramic pebbles, teaching them skills of path laying and outdoor design. The path and stepping stones had to be robust (as they are well used) and are still as good today as the day they were laid..... Allison Weightman, Project Coordinator